Finchley Investments is focused on condominium acquisitions in several core urban condo markets. Although not always known as condominiums, the concept of living in condominiums has been around for well over 100 years. It creates tremendous efficiencies, simplifies home maintenance, allows for shared amenities that most single family homes do not offer, and provides a sense of community for home owners of the association.

Condominium prices soared through 2006 and subsequently crashed along with the economic recession of a decade ago. Like single family homes, housing prices have been climbing back up along with the growth in demand. Particularly because condo prices are still at 15% or more below their highs in most major markets, the recovery that is in progress is a slow but steady one. Furthermore, as condominiums in larger buildings are professionally managed and operated, major maintenance issues are handled by the onsite staff, allowing us to focus on acquiring more units and leasing them while maintaining a leaner team.

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